Veneer Door

Veneer doors are ideal for those who wish to have striking doors that add character to a room without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive wood. They are called venner, referring to the thin layer of hardwood placed on an existing door typically made of less expensive wood. 

The veneer is attached to this wood through bonding or using adhesive glue. The purpose of such design is to have stunning pieces of furniture, not just doors, at a lower price. You can find that the door is made of plywood or hardwood and then a teak or oak veneer is placed for an exquisite finish.

You can choose a veneer door if you’re on a budget, but you still want a beautiful room. Since it is real wood, it gets sanded along the grain, then painted and stained for the perfect finish. You can choose one according to a room’s theme. 

Veneers are available in a wide range of colors and thickness, all dependent on the species of wood selected. Typically they are 3mm thick, but some are as thin as 0.5mm. 

That is solid enough to protect the fragile timber used to make the door in the first place.

The fantastic thing about veneer doors is they come in endless varieties of wood and designs to suit your taste. They are also sturdy and will last years so you don’t have to worry about having to replace one every few years. Veneer doors also allow the use of door handles with a sturdier and heavy construction without having to worry about breaking the door.

 Do you have little ones always touching surfaces with their sticky hands? Veneer doors take a few seconds to clean; a damp cloth and varnish gets the dirt right out. 

If low maintenance and a good look are your preference, then this is for you.

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