Sliding Door

Wooden Sliding Door

Wooden sliding doors in Singapore are an interesting and attractive alternative to the usual door structure you find in many homes.

They help to enhance beauty through their traditional, rustic look of a wooden door, while remaining a great functional part of your home. In fact, if your home happens to have limited space in your living room, they are a great addition as they save greatly on space and make an appealing image to your visitors.

Many home owners are also installing a kitchen sliding door to prevent the cooking smells from reaching other parts of the their home.

You just need to ensure you use the right materials that blend in easily with your furniture and general theme. The truth remains though, that sliding doors have generally taken a backseat, since many homeowners focus on installing concertina or fold-a-side doors.

However, if you are willing to install them, you will soon discover the many types that are in existence. For instance, the full pane double sliders, which use the sliding movement of two doors on either side, or the full pane single sliders, where you slide one door into the other.

Glass Sliding Door

Glass doors are basically the same in terms of their advantages, as they are also great option if you have space constraints – they even allow you to walk effortlessly between rooms. They, along with wooden sliding doors, are more affordable to install and maintain compared to other door options. 

Glass sliding doors are very attractive as they allow you to let in as much natural light in your house as possible.

Pros Of Using A Sliding Door

Does not take up much space, so can be used in smaller rooms

Energy efficient and eco-friendly

They greatly improve the visual movements between the outer and inner spaces of your home

Easy to operate and maintain, particularly wooden sliding doors that are good insulators

They give you great views of the outdoors (especially glass)

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