PVC Door

There is an increasing demand for PVC doors in Singapore, which have a stronger construction compared to the traditional wooden door or even metal doors. Many people are now selecting them as a choice for different parts of their home, and understandably so.

In fact, they happen to make the best fits for most properties, regardless of the décor theme or the type of home involved. In addition, they are super easy to maintain – gone are the days when you have to re-paint them after a few months, because all you need is a quick wipe-down.

What Is A PVC Door?

PVC itself is a form of plastic, standing for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or rigid PVC. This is because its structure is very hard, and this lends it to its usage in window frames and pipework. Due to their structure, they also have their own benefits, aside from being long lasting and giving sufficient comfort.


Affordable: They than most of the other door designs. Because the main material is also widely available, the total cost of installation goes down significantly, and the total maintenance cost is also low. That also makes them a good choice if you are on a budget.

Sufficient insulation: The material used is dense enough to provide adequate sound insulation.

Does not warp or rust – They overtake metal doors in this regard, as well as wood, which tends to warp when exposed to sunlight over many years. 

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