Nyatoh Door

If you are looking for a tropical material for your doors, then you may want to consider Nyatoh doors. They are native to rainforests in areas around the globe such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Southeast Asia in general.

The color of the heartwood varies; it can be pale pink, purplish brown or even reddish. However, the sapwood is straw colored. One thing to note is Nyatoh wood is typically exported to other parts of the world, but it is a commonly used type of wood in the areas where it is readily available.

Also, it is considered to be a vulnerable species given its reduction in the past decades.

If you wish to have exotic wooden doors are that highly ranked on durability, then Nyatoh doors are for you. They are also quite hard and are even fantastic for exterior doors. What equally makes them impressive is that you can use them without treatment.

However, the only problematic element about them is termites, and such insects tend to eat away at the wood. Used as is, you would have to adopt extra measures to ensure they don’t attack the wood. However, you ought not to worry as it is something door manufacturers already do.

Nyatoh doors consist of thin layers of Nyatoh plywood glued together. They are made as such for durability purposes, making it hard for the wood itself to split. You will find this plywood placed over doors with a less strong composition to make it sturdy.

Though they cost more due to their rare nature, they also proved to add that extra appeal to your bedroom and even main doors. Given that the wood is native to Southeast Asia ensure you get them from a verified distributor to avoid getting a knockoff of this exotic wood.

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