Laminate Door

Laminate doors are the go-to types for those looking for affordable doors that still add beauty to any space they are put. You will also get spoilt for choice and bring the vision you had for the room to life.

They are made of resin and plastic material that gets fused using high pressure and heat to create a laminate. The outcome is to make laminates that resemble real wood. In some cases, wood is added to the fusion process to give the appearance of actual wood.

The purpose of using laminate on a door or any furniture is to make them super durable.

The reason people gravitate toward laminated doors is that they are super affordable and easier to maintain than hardwood doors. However, the prices of laminated doors vary.

Those with only plastic and resin will be cheapest, but a decorative print gets added to give a wooden look. In laminates made with real wood, the mahogany one will be more expensive than that one that uses oak wood.

Whatever material used, there is always a clear finish applied on top for protection.

What makes laminate doors in Singapore popular is they are scratch, stain and water resistant. That makes them durable and still looking new for years to come. You can get laminate doors suiting your taste as various shapes, textures and colors exist for your picking.

If you want it glossy or matted, you also have that choice. They are pocket-friendly and it is a steal for the variety available in the market. Another aspect that makes them fantastic is that modern styles are available as well.

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