Bifold Door

You might be considering installing these doors because numerous homeowners want increasing amounts of natural light to enter their living spaces or to save on space. Therefore it is not surprising to find  increasing bifold doors in Singapore increasing in popularity as well. 

Bi-fold doors are a good way to open up your home to the outdoors. However, that does not mean they are the easiest choice to make, especially when you don’t know much about them.

What Is A Bifold Door?

The easiest thing would be thinking of the concertina effects, as these doors are comprised of many leaves that fold on each other to open the door. The structure requires that the door be fit to a runner, and their panels are made from wood, aluminum or uPVC (a form of plastic, standing for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or rigid PVC). 

This allows you to install them in rooms with little space, and you do not need to use smaller entrances like the usual sliding door.

Uses Of A Bifold Door

Because of their structure, they are very good if you have young kids in the home as they can easily open and close. They also lend themselves well to a closet, such as your television one and shelves.

They also make good simple doors for your bathroom or kitchen.

Their elegant structure makes them a great fit in place of patio doors and internal doors as well. This also helps you maintain your set theme between the rooms, since you can get them in various sizes.


  • They allow your house to open up completely and give a feeling of a bigger living area
  • They do not take up much space
  • You can configure them in many ways

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