Barn Doors

As the industrial, smaller relative of the pocket door, barn doors are greatly increasing in popularity, a well-deserved time in the spotlight. Even though they have a rustic and old-fashioned name, they lend themselves well to a modern feel of your home, through the introduction of functionality. That does not make them loved by everyone though.

To utilise them well, you need to know a few things.

Beyond the visual appeal that they hold, they are also very good at maximising space in your home and will make a good choice if you live or operate in a small space. Because they eliminate the door swinging, they can allow you to make the best of the space you already have, including inserting furniture.

They also happen to be highly diverse, fitting into a wide range of aesthetic needs, all while closing large spaces. Because of the ease of the installation process, using a Barn door in Singapore presents some extra character in your living space. In addition to that, they act as partitions of open spaces. 

This is particularly when you have two large rooms, for instance your living room and kitchen, and the addition of the door seems to imply space – without necessarily adding a permanent aspect like a wall.

However, as with all things, you need to ensure that you use the best quality of hardware and you require the correct amount of space for it to work (the door size should be at least two times bigger). In addition, since they are heavy, you need extra structural support, otherwise, the door will keep opening even when it should not.

Pros Of Using A Barn Door

It is suitable for tight spaces and crowded homes

Installation is easy

Allows you to infuse your own style with a wooden door.

They have great designs and you can choose the look that goes best with your home

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