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Whether you are staying in a house, condo or HBD, we have the perfect door for your main entrance, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Our doors are well designed and build with the highest quality to last for many years to come

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A door isn’t just a barrier at the entrance of your home or room. A wooden door in Singapore can be an impressive way of making a statement to your guests. Gives them a sense of anticipation of what lies within your four walls.

Wood doors have a deep sense of character and aesthetic appeal of their own. From the wide range of grains and colors.

Our doors feature a solid engineered core which gives it great durability and noise insulation properties.

Check out our wide range of wooden door types and door designs.

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When it comes to wooden doors, there are many door suppliers in Singapore that offer the service. However, no one does a better and quality guaranteed job like us.

We have a reputation for being customer – orientated that many other companies cannot match.

So if you are looking for a main door, toilet door bedroom door or kitchen door, comes to us at Door Portal.